The ark

Hi Everyone,
     Last week we had a small group in the younger children's class but a good session.   The children told us the stories that they had learned from the bible and they did a great job of remembering and recanting the stories.   Activities included making the food for the ark and talking about the gifts of God which include what we eat.   We found the star in the middle of an apple and tasted different apples and the children took home a story in which they "wonder" about a quest.   In preparation for World day of Communion which is Thanksgiving Sunday we dipped our crackers in apple juice and talked a bit about the symbols of bread and wine.  (If your kids came home with tales of women with purple feet stomping grapes .......we did get into some interesting discussion).   On Sunday, we will not have a long time so will defer the story of Abraim and Sarah till the following week and instead Marnie will lead the children in a session which includes praising through dance.   When it is time to join with their families for communion we will bring the children down unless you indicate to us that you would rather have your child stay in the classroom.

Happy Thanksgiving one and all,

Diane and Darlene

p.s.    The children say a grace before our "feast" :   

The first weeks we did "thank you for the world so sweet
                                                 thank you for the food we eat
                                                 thank you for the birds that sing
                                                 thank you God for everything.

Last week we did the first verse of Johnny Appleseed which some of the children knew.  You can find this one by googling Johney appleseed song where it is on you tube.  (Caitlin insert -- here is a youtube clip ;-)


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