Just wanted to update you on what's been happening in the Godly Play class over the past few weeks.  We've been working with the desert box to tell stories of the Great Family (Abram and Sarah) (told by Diane), Exodus (told by Caitlin) and The Exile and return (told by Emily).  

All the stories start out with the whisper that "the desert is a dangerous place... " and the children are pretty rapt while the story is being told.  It's been fascinating watching the children connect with these stories and having the chance to reconnect with them myself.  Exodus is really pretty terrifying -- and between slavery, locust, sacrificial lambs and the parting of the sea gave us all a lot to wonder about!   

I invite you to take a look at an example of how this kind of story is told in a Godly play class... (youtube clip, below) and invite you to revisit these stories yourself and talk about them with your children.




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