Calendar Sept-December

9   Registration Sunday, Sunday School BBQ   * Start of orientation and The Creation Story
16 2nd week orientation and consolidation work/play of Creation Story

23 The Flood and the Ark
30 The Great Family (Abram and Sarah)
7 The Exodus  *World Communion Sunday, Thanksgiving Day
14 The Ark and the Tent
21 The Ark and the Temple
28 The Exile and return  *Haunted Parlour Walk (proposed community activity, 4 p.m.) (haunted house + spooky stories from the bible)
4  The Prophets
11 Jonah the Backward Prophet  *Remembrance Sunday
18 The Books of the Bible  *137th Anniversary Sunday
25 The Books of the Bible
2 The Holy Family, 1st Sunday of Advent; Pageant Practice, wreathmaking workshop after church
9 The Shepherds, 2nd Sunday of Advent; Pageant Practice
16 3rd Sun day of Advent; Christmas Pageant
23 The Wise men and Christmas 4th Sunday of Advent
24  Christmas Eve Service 


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