Sunday School update -- Godly Play Group

Hello Everyone,
     It was great to see so many young children in church on Sunday.  At the beginning of our time together we talked about the church itself.   For more that 60 years there has been a wooden church replica which even has a steeple and bell.   Al Bowker, a member of the congregation repaired this treasure and did an amazing job which included painting in fresh stained glass windows..  One side of the church comes down and the children look into a mirror and are asked if they are ready to hear the special story.  The other side shows the bible where the story comes from.   At one end of the church there is a collection plate and we explained why people bring money to the church.   Children were encouraged to bring some collection and they understood and could speak about some of the things it gets used for.  When the door of the church is opened there is a picture of Jesus surrounded by children from around the world.  The younger children were introduced to the story of Noah's ark and we wondered how it must have felt to be in the ark through all the days of rain.   Emphasis was on the rainbow as a symbol of hope and God's promise.   The children seemed very engaged in the story and the subsequent activities of making a construction paper ark and a rainbow.  Some children preferred to play with the altar built with stones or the animals in the ark.   We then joined in a "feast"  which replicates communion (well if you substitute animal crackers and blueberries it does!).   On Thanksgiving Sunday there will be communion so please indicate to the teachers if you want your child to be brought back down to the church to join you for this.
     We  have found that the time is very rushed to tell the story, complete an activity, enjoy the feast and have an end of lesson individual prayer/blessing.   Part of the new curriculum base is that the children experience unrushed time in which they can reflect and "be" in "sacred space".  Because of this we will spread some of the stories over two weeks so the children can consolidate and perhaps retell the story at a pace that is less hectic.
      Your feedback is very welcome as we work together to develop our program in the hopes that it will continue to develop meaningful church experience for them.
Diane Stephenson and Darlene Dudar


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